If you are caught you will be asked to leave the farm at once.


*Students are required to arrive on time for their lesson. All late lessons will be charged as a full lesson and will reflect on the time you ride. 

*All children must be accompanied by an adult. It is mandatory for an adult to be present while a child is taking lessons.

*Sideline coaching will not be tolerated. If there is sideline coaching from a parent or guardian the student will be dismissed from the lesson. At the end of the lesson an appointment will be made to discuss the matter.

*Running, screaming, other sports, or games are not allowed on premises.

*No dogs are allowed on premises. Only staff dogs are permitted, which are normally locked up during lessons.

*No shorts, tank tops or sandals allowed. STUDENTS AND SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR SANDALS, FLIP-FLOPS, CROCS, OR SHOES RESEMBLING THEM AT ALL ON PREMISES  The proper  student attire consists of a helmet, paddock boots, jeans or breaches, a polo shirt.

*All riders must wear an ASI approved riding helmet. No bicycle helmets.

*Jumping is only allowed during the student's lesson. Riding school students are not allowed to mount or ride without a trainer present.

*When riding, please abide by these rules of etiquette. Always pass left shoulder to left shoulder. People in a lesson have the right of way. Horses and ponies jumping have the right of way.

* Please clean up your grooming area, you will not be allowed to ride until All brushes are put back and manure is cleaned up. If you have to go back and do this the time will be deducted from your lesson. Make sure tack is cleaned and returned with the saddle back to its place.

*The horse or pony must be bathed and returned to its stall or pasture.

*When scheduling a lesson, the student is given a time slot. This time slot is reserved for that student only and no one else can have it. If you cancel a lesson please do so 24 hours in advance. IF YOU DO NOT, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE LESSON.

*Please show up 30 minutes before your lesson time. If you are late for your lesson, the time will be deducted from your lesson. (Example: If your lesson is at 3:00 and you show up at 3:15 and it takes you 10 minutes to tack up, you will have a 5 minute lesson. Always arrive 30 minutes early so you can be tacked up and at the riding arena for your lesson time. 

*Please allow enough time after your lesson to cool your horse down, groom it, and clean your tack.

*Estimated time at the barn with be about 1 ½ hours.

Under Louisiana Law, an equine activity sponsor or an equine professional is not liable for an injury or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from inherit risks of equine activities Pursuant to R.S. 9.2795.1

Horseback riding can be a very rewarding sport for the student and an opportunity for family members to interact as well. Although the horses have had many years of training, they are still animals. Because of the inherent dangers we emphasize greatly on safety.